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Melrose Cottage Fylingthorpe History


The land on which the cottage stands was subject to a 1000 year lease dated 12th November 1638 between Sir Hugh Cholmley and John Harland yeoman of Saltergate in the parish of Lockton. The subject of the lease was 2 cottages and garths at Fylingthorpe. The initial charge was £42 and the annual rent 3d.

A subsequent indenture of lease was created on 15th April 1640 between John Harland and Henry Richardson for the "payment of rent and the performance and observance of covenants".

The original 1000 year lease was eventually converted to freehold 1952.


Sir Hugh Cholmley

(1600 - 1657)

What is now Melrose Cottage and the adjoining Melrose House was once a single substantial two storey dwelling. The original house is stone and the front was probably rendered when the property was modernised around the turn of the last century and a third storey added to Melrose House in brick. Melrose Cottage was divided off as a self contained two storey dwelling in the 1920s.

Melrose Cottage is built on a base with stone walls some 18 inches thick all round. These walls may date back to the time of the cottages mentioned in the 1638 lease.